Forgiveness Class (Part Seven)

As we spoke of beautiful things in our life, someone said that the day is beautiful, and as if the day forgives you. I thought that the Universe forgives us too.

One girl said that when a couple of years ago she almost lost her sight but got it back, suddenly she saw that everything was beautiful, everything she could see again. It is always like that – when something tragic happens in your life and you survive, you realize that you are rich – you have your life, friends, and freedom – you have a lot.

Then the same girl said that we are not frozen, we are all changing. And those who hurt us change too. When you forgive you don’t keep them in the center where pain is generated, but you move them to the group of just people with their own weaknesses.

If it is someone who is dear to our heart, then we accept them the way they are. Love them for their flaws or say our good byes.

In the beginning all the phrases that the instructor was saying were just dry definitions read aloud, and I didn’t relate to them, as my heart was blocked by many walls. The committee inside was giving its verdict, “No, not forgive”. But as I went through a lot of emotional transformation, all our instructor described was exactly what I felt and understood completely.

”And soon you will die, life is too short to live with hatred.” ~Buddha.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Mahatma Gandhi.

“Stretch, extend your compassion, let forgiveness work on you.”

“What comes up in the present, arises from the past, but how I relate to it in present conditions the future.”

At the end we had cookies and talked more. I told everyone that I took notes after every class, which I will share on my blog. And here they are.

Thank you to our amazing instructor Maddy and everyone who attended the class!

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