Main Lessons from Happiness Book

Happiness refers to a set of feelings that are pleasant and the evaluation the person makes that his or her life is going well. Life satisfaction depends on doing well in major areas of life – relationships, health, work, income, spirituality and leisure.

Subjective wellbeing = positive effect – negative effect + life satisfaction+ flourishing

When a person is doing badly in one of these areas, it can color his or her overall life satisfaction.

Most people in industrialized nations score above neutral on measures of happiness, however, high stress and burnout also characterize many people on modern societies. Many are not engaged at work or are often bored and stressed. Thus even though the majority of people are above the neutral point of overall happiness, and at least the slightly positive zone, for many people there is still much room for improvement.

Yes, you can change your happiness set point.

At the physiological level your genetic code determines how your brain uses hormones that are vital to a positive outlook on life.

Some of the most effective methods of increasing psychological wealth (and happiness) are those that involve reaching out to other people in positive ways. Ex, make 5 kind acts for others, or gratitude journal and try active positive responding to others. Ex., meditation practice loving kindness, in which people focus on how much they love someone and doing kind things for them. Many of interventions being tried involve some form of heightened caring about other people.

Life is roller coaster, full of ups and downs for all of us. So

-Direct your focus where possible to the positive aspects of life.

-Pay attention to how you interpret daily events and actively challenge and alter unhelpful thinking patterns.

-Savor happy moments, concentrate on recognizing them, and take the time to remember and bask in them later.

-Notice the good things that others do and express your gratitude to them.

We can change our thinking! Thinking as like any other habit – it can be changed with effort. What you think you become. Choose the way you see the world.

To have the highest quality life, we must live a life full of meaning, values, purpose, strong social connections, positive emotions and negative emotions in situations when they are helpful, and activities in which we enjoy working toward our values, that are not self centered.

Live as though happiness is a process, not a place. Enjoying the activities and the striving that create happiness and that getting the ducks provides only short-term boosts to happiness. Activities and striving for your goals is a lifetime endeavor.

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