Highlights of The Law of Attraction by Abraham

“You measure success in trophies, but from our perspective the positive emotion that you feel is the greatest measure of success. As you want something and achieve it, you also achieve a new prospective from which you will want. The things that satisfied you before, will not likely satisfy you for very long, because you are inherently grand seeking, you can’t remain in the same place and have growth also. The way you feel is your indicator, let your emotions will be your guide. They are the most wonderful guidance systems.

We see the majority spend the most of their life seeking for set of rules against which they can measure their life experience, looking outside themselves for those who would tell them what is right or wrong. While they have within themselves a guidance system that is so sophisticated, intricate, precise, appropriate, system that can analyze in an instant everything that they are wanting to be from total perspective, from current physical conscious perspective and everything that is taking place around them in the current environment and offer them an emotion to let them know the appropriateness of whatever that is happening. The appropriate of every thought, word, every interaction, such a wonderful guidance system, not utilized, but by a few of you. It is our reason for interacting with you to acquaint you with the total you so that you may begin utilizing that broader, fuller, wiser, all knowing perspective, so that you may use God force from within for the creating.

Why you are here and how to be with what you have intended, each of you from your non-physical perspective before you emerged into this physical expression of life intended to have growth, and you intended to access this guidance system from within to assist you in your growth, and we have come forth to remind you that it exists and to teach or offer you a process. There is great love here.

Here is an exercise that will assist you in your deliberate creating. Take three separate pieces of paper, and at the top of each page write one thing that you want, now take your first paper and beneath the subject of what you are wanting, write these are the reason that I want these. Write whatever comes to you mind, whatever flows naturally, do not try to force it. And when nothing more comes, you are complete for now. Turn the paper over and begin writing at the top of the paper, these are the reasons that I believe that I will have these that I want. The first side of the paper is enhancing what you are wanting. The first side of the equation. The second side of the paper is enhancing your belief that you will have it. And as you have written why you want what you want and why you know that you will have that you want, you have set force and now expecting and therefore will receive the subject of your wanting.

All that is necessary is that you are wanting and keep expecting until you have it and it will be yours. Select only three things that you are wanting. For there will be more power of focus. Eventually when you understand the process, you will be able to simultaneously create in many directions. Before you will experience something in your physical life experience you must first give thought to it. Your thought is the invitation and without it it will not come. We are encouraging intentional deciding of what is wanted and intentionally giving thought to those things that are wanted, while you are intentionally not giving thought to those things that are not wanted. And in suggesting this we encourage that you set force some time in every day where you sit and intentionally bring together thoughts into a sort of vision of what you are wanting in your life experience, we have been referring to this time as your work shop for deliberate creating.

If we were to say go now and begin to envision yourself in the life experience that you are wanting, many of you would have a difficult time doing that, for you have not been intentionally collecting the data, in which to work upon in your workshop. By collecting data what we are encouraging is that every day as you are getting out of bed, you set forth intention that no matter what you are doing this day, no matter who interact with to today, you will let your dominant intention to be to look for things that you like, whatever it is that you see, if you are intending to look for things that you like then you will be effectively and deliberately collecting the data. Tomorrow, when you decide to take 15-20 min to go to your workshop which is the place where all deliberate creating begins. You can bring together the combinations of that data to begin envision yourself in your life as you want to be.

We have told you that your thoughts are magnetic. But we are wanting to add a point of clarification here, that while every thought has creative potential that the thoughts that do not have great emotion at the same time are not bringing in to your experience with any sort of speed the subject of your thoughts. That what you are emotional about those thoughts are quickly manifesting into your physical experience. The emotion that you feel is your communication letting you know that you have now accessed the power of the Universe. That power from the Universe comes forth when you are clearest in your thought.”

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