The Law of Attraction in Action

Deanna Davis has a good book with practical tips and tools on how to apply the Law of Attraction to our life.

In her interpretation of the law the main steps are:

1.Choose your state

2.State your intention

3.Take inspired action

Choose your state – consciously decide how you want to feel emotionally and where you want to direct your attention. Take consistent steps to regularly create a favorable emotional state.


Beyond Polyanna

Thanks! A lot! (explain why and what happened today, episode that made you feel grateful, recount why this was important to you)

Gratitude exercise (Counting your blessings, Gratitude journaling, Gratitude letter, Wealth walk, The power shower, Abundance practices)

Spacemakers (release negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts)

Peace of mind meditation, Emotional freedom technique (EFT), Sedona (The invitation)

Set your intention – sift through your references and possibilities to determine what you want to experience in your life. Make a decision to think and act in a way that will create the outcome that you want. Than focus again on choosing your state to align yourself with that intention.

Intention creates the blueprint from which you can build your life. You are the key instrument in identifying, setting, and acting on your intention. Unless you make decision that things will be different, they most decidedly wont’ be.

You need to make a decision to move your desire from the landscape of your mind into the realm of reality.

There is a realm of preferences and possibilities, you need to know your preferences and examine possibilities. Preferences are just a matter of what we like, what we appreciate, and what we’d like to experience even more of. Your ability to effectively explore the possibilities related to your preferences is directly proportional to your ability to maintain a beginner’s mind.

Expectations often precede experience. Intention is steeped in certainty – it is a decision to manifest something meaningful in your life. The decision comes from a sense of hope and eagerness, and is centered in certainty that want you want is not only possible, not only probable, but inevitable.


You are here and hierarchy of needs worksheet

Sifting strategies: I desire worksheet, shopping cart, mind movie

Affirmations, Vision boards and Believing is seeing exercise (meditation)

Take inspired action– from a place of calm and silence, ask yourself, “What is my next best step?” and act on it immediately with joy and energy. Once again, choose your state and provide momentum for your inspired action and to prepare you to move on to your next intention.

It emerges from a series of five simple steps: quieting your mind, asking simple questions about next steps, taking initiative in the form of immediate action, gaining momentum with consistent progress and reflecting on and building on that progress to sustain continued success. Release your resistance. Silence your mind and take small steps.

In order to move forward in life, you need to take inspired action consistently. You have to be willing to shift your focus from what you have seen in the past and what is in front of you now if you want to see the beautiful vistas that are waiting for you just beyond the horizon.


All about the ask (What is my next step?)

Proof of progress (catalogue and evidence your accomplishments)

Two S – supercharge (create structure/systems and support)

Rhyming reminders (Tweak of the week, Go with the flow, Snuggle the struggle)

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