Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Last weekend I watched Seven Spiritual Laws of Success film and would like to give you a snapshot of what I learned. General movie description:

“Spiritual author and speaker Deepak Chopra shares his insights on creating success and abundance in this inspiring testimonial based on his best-selling book and featuring new music from Olivia Newton-John. Personal stories of challenge and triumph from Newton-John and actor-director Bill Duke punctuate Chopra’s teachings of his seven edicts for those wanting to experience life to its fullest potential”.

First of all, what is success? Success is expansion of our happiness. The seven laws are:

1. Pure Law of Potentiality – emerge into uncertainty; when you unground yourself, you will see all new possibilities you didn’t see before.

2. Giving and Receiving Gift – you should be open to connect to the world of opportunities via giving or receiving.

3. Law of Action – you have to make action that feels good to you and in accordance with the laws of nature/not against.

4. Law of Least Effort – your action should be unforced, natural, elegant. When you struggle with the moment, then you struggle with the Universe, that created it. Dont’ blame anyone. Accept it. Imagine what do you want it to be. Be open. Observe and allow, be creative. Every so-called tormentor will become your teacher, because you will convert adversity in a positive experience.

5. Law of Intention and Desire. All want healthy body, be happy, loving relationships, deep meaning and purpose and peace. We need to set intention of what we want. Let plans that we create in our minds unfold in reality.

6. Law of Detachment. Surrender and create positive environment. When you are not obsessed with the outcome but just keep working toward your goals, you will get to the point of “Aha” and nothing will stop you.

7. Law of Dahma – purpose in life. People find it in different things: for one person – it is service to others, the another – creativity, for some – different thing every day. You find it when you follow your inner directions…

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