Social Good 2.0

On Friday, Dec 2, at 8:30AM the room of Space with a Soul was full. About 200 people consumed all coffee before the presentations started. All were interested in what is happening in the local social good start-up scene. I was told about this event by a friend, the event’s description said:

“The past few years have seen a surge of activity around technology and the nonprofit world. Boston is a hotbed of innovative ideas that might really be interesting to cause-related organizations – but it seems like new ones emerge daily. Who has time to keep track – let alone hear what they might be able to offer you?

Join us for a morning breakfast highlighting the latest additions to the cause-related technology startup scene in Boston:


Accounting Management Solutions, BiddingForGood, Cauzoom, CharityAlly, ConstantContact,
Mass Innovation Nights, NorthEast Sponsorship Network


8:30-8:45 Coffee and breakfast

8:45 Opening remarks, comments from hosts and sponsors

9:00-10:00 Rocket Introductions from Boston Startups (8 minutes each)


AltruHelp. The world’s largest online altruistic social experiment.

BoardProspects. The link between boards, prospects, and possibilities.

Cauzoom. Making it fun and easy to raise money for worthy projects.

CharityAlly. Give today. Change tomorrow.

Invup. Community involvement made fun and simple.

10:00-10:30 Facilitated networking by the Northeast Sponsorship Network”

In short: Altruhelp is a Universal Online Platform For Social Impact, was presented by Mathew Paisner.

Mark Rogers from BoardProspects told us how to fill the need for board members for non-profits.

Michael Sattler from Cauzoom, who also started the Social Good 2.0 group, gave his vision of how to help people and organizations, “because we are all in this together”.

Jonah Lupton and Nicholas Walton told about their organization CharityAlly that we can participate: “give today, change tomorrow”. And finally, instead of Invup, DailyFeats was presented by Vinay Gidwaney as “Do feats for your health and happiness”.

It was great to hear about new and old ideas of social good ventures, and hear about their progress, but even more so to witness how much interest this event generated and how much support it received from all kinds of people: from non-profits, social media, environmental organizations and technologists. It felt that every person in the audience has a story to tell and those stories are as important as the ones that were presented that day. Which ones of those 200 stories will be known 20 years from now and making a big impact on our lives? We are so lucky to get a sneak peek at what may be part of our future.

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