Amazing Grace

There are many truly amazing inspirational movies and Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce is one of them. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite movie and I would like to share several quotes from it with you. Enjoy!

When people stop being afraid they find their compassion.

-It’s God. I have 10,000 engagements of state today but I would prefer to spend the day out here getting a wet arse, studying dandelions and marveling at… bloody spider’s webs.
-You found God, sir?
-I think He found me. You have any idea how inconvenient that is? How idiotic it will sound? I have a political career glittering ahead of me, and in my heart I want spider’s webs.
-“It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else and still unknown to himself.” Francis Bacon. I don’t just dust your books, sir.

When I was 15 I almost run away with the circus. They said I could have been an acrobat.

We hear that you are a man who doesn’t believe what he is until he sees it with his own eyes. You are having problems whether to do a work on God or the civil activist, we humbly suggest that you could do both.

I wish I could remember all their names. My 20,000 ghosts, they all had names, beautiful African names. We’d call them with just grunts, noises. We were apes, they were human.

-You’re dressing very simply these days.
-I’m a simple man.

-I had heard your sight was fading.
-Well, now it’s faded altogether. I never do things by halves. God decided I’d seen enough.

God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms. Drip. Drip. Drip.

-No one of our age has ever taken power.
-Which is why we’re too young to realize certain things are impossible. Which is why we will do them anyway.

It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth, you spit it out. You don’t constantly swallow it back.

Trouble is, Doctor, he doesn’t believe he has a body. Utterly careless of it. He thinks he is some kind of disembodied spirit.

I find that the older I get, the more tender I become.

“Great changes are easier than small ones”. Sir Francis Bacon.

It’s only painful to talk about because we haven’t changed anything.

-Come, we’re late.
-The water has been here a million years, how can we be late?

-Why is it you only feel the thorns in your feet when you stop running?
-Is that some sort of heavy-handed metaphorical advice for me, Mr. Pitt?

-“I once was blind but now I see”. Didn’t I write that?
-Yes, you did.
-Now at last it’s true.

When people speak of great men, they think of men like Napoleon – men of violence. Rarely do they think of peaceful men. But contrast the reception they will receive when they return home from their battles. Napoleon will arrive in pomp and in power, a man who’s achieved the very summit of earthly ambition. And yet his dreams will be haunted by the oppressions of war. William Wilberforce, however, will return to his family, lay his head on his pillow and remember: the slave trade is no more.
[Wilberforce receives a standing ovation from the entire House and the Gallery]

-Noblesse oblige.
-What the bloody hell does that mean?
-It means: my nobility obliges me to recognize the virtue of an exceptional commoner.

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