Hello, I’m Happiness

If you read this letter – it means I have come to you. And now I’ll start to grumble, because there is something to grumble about! It hurts, you see:

I am ancient – I do not even remember how old I am. I guess I always was. Therefore, I have accumulated a lot of observations of mankind. Have you ever tried to put yourself in my shoes? No? Too bad! It would be very useful and informative:

That’s all they say: “happiness, happiness is”. Rushing about, looking for, dreaming about me. While I, by the way, didn’t leave or hide! And I do not run! I am always near and waiting to get noticed. But how do I get noticed, if the majority does not know what I look like? That’s funny: they look, not knowing what for!

Most often, I do not get noticed because everyone has his own idea of me. For someone I am a chocolate cake, for other – spending time in nature, for another – world fame, and to someone happiness is another person’s disaster. Believe it or not!

Incidentally, I’m homeless and I wander around the world, seeking shelter. I would be glad to stay with someone, I knock on all doors, but people don’t always let me in. Unhappiness is all at once recognized, but I’m not – for some reason!

I know that many are also looking for me, sometimes just to bump up my nose, but most usually pass me by without noticing. Or not recognizing? Or maybe just looking for me in wrong places. For example, many are looking for happiness in marriage. Or at work. Or in children. Of course, I am also side by side with you there! But then it turns out that if marriage or work, or children are taken away from you, I disappear with them. And you will be miserable: And this is wrong! Happiness is the natural human state, so that you know.

Many like to look back: “Then, they say, were the happy days!”. But if you recall how they behaved back then, it is a lie! They even in those happy times were dissatisfied with something, something was missing. Only over the years have they realized that I was there! But only it is too late: now they sit and indulge in memories.

But others are dreaming of what they do not have to be happy. One – apartment, another – car, someone else – a million dollars or the ideal love. Well, I can tell you that there is always something missing to a man. Give him all at once what he was asking and he will be glad for a week or two, and then get used again and starts to wish for something else for full happiness.

Oh, it’s hard for me with you, folks! How much nonsense you piled up around me! “Happiness is to be useful to others”. Beautifully said, but it is not totally correct. To be useful to people: and yourself? Give yourself away grain by grain, but will not know happiness: It is good to care about others but do not forget about yourself! When you are happy, then happiness light spreads around you! How much of me will you share??

Or here: “My happiness is in children”. Grown children have their own families, their nests, but mother still climbs to them, intervenes, and is offended that she is sidelined. Why? Because with her children and I left, as she originally lodged me in them. And what about her now, without happiness? So I say – you should have your own happiness, independent.

And then they say about misfortune: “Would not it be a blessing in disguise” (There will not be happiness unless misfortune helps). What are you people, crazy? Why do you definitely need to get hit with a brick on your head to understand that happiness was always here but you just didn’t notice it?

Do not be offended by my grumbling, I warned you that it hurts me: You better listen to me, your happiness, see what is useful and take notice.
If you only knew how often I stood at the bedside when a person really goes away, tears welling, and It is only then he realizes that it was happiness, but was so overlooked, could not see it, did not notice!

Here is a man climbs a mountain to the summit, climbing, panting, throws his fingers into the blood. And all for what? To get on top and feel the happiness! Well, me, that is. Happy moment! Flight of the soul! But then, he would still have to go further. Descend to climb again. The eternal pursuit of happiness: And you do not realize, people, that as long as you getting somewhere, I’m behind you, sit in a backpack. Or pocket. Or just fly near, whispering: “Stop, my friend! Look around! I am here, it is your happiness!”. But very few people can hear.

I’ll reveal my main secret: I am linked to time. I am not in the past – this is just the happy picture. I am not in the future – it’s just sweet dreams. I’m always in the present! Heard the song – “There is only a moment for you to keep”. Here, it’s just me! Each of your moment – is happiness. Of course, if you are at this moment not fallen in the past or future. You usually regret about the past, and worry about the future. And where regret or anxiety, I do not live – we are not compatible, what can you do?

I’ll tell you what! If you’re reading this letter – it means that you have eyes and they see it. Is this not happiness? If you are blind and someone reads the letter aloud – but you have a friend! What a joy! Breathe, walk, love, look, touch and smell – it’s all happiness! Yellow leaves flew – the beauty and happiness! Snow fell to the ground – light, clean and happy!
Streams began to flow, grass breaks – is not happiness? And when the season for berries and mushrooms comes and you can swim in the river – pure excitement!

I ask you one thing, people: do not hold me! Don’t catch my wings! Because I am mobile, I like to fly! If I lose my flight, then I’ll turn into a memory. Like the dried leaf, that your grandmother brought from Evpatoria in 1968. It, of course, pleases the soul, but it was when X?! You better remember: “Happy people don’t count time”. And why not? Because their every moment is happiness, why look at the clock? They have neither past nor future, but only a present moment!

In general, I appeal to you, people! Let me in: I am tired of wandering through the world without shelter. Let us live by the law: “man is the master of his happiness!” Well I just dream about it – to come to somebody and make him happy for life. Just stop for a moment, stop your eternal race, look around – and you will see me.
If you read this Happiness letter, send it to your friends! Those who are especially dear to you. Let them hear my desperate cry! You will do good work, and they will be happy. And who knows, maybe they will look closely and listen, and I finally get noticed. And all of us will be happy.

Written by Anonymous, Translated from Russian by Google Translate with my help

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