We Are Launched!

Last three weeks were very hectic. First, I traveled to Boston and presented The Ultimate Answer Update at the Ethical Society of Boston in Cambridge and received good feedback. I shared several existing happiness formulas: H=S+C+V, F2HT2SW=HF10, and P+5E+3H. There are many more formulas existing, but they all have different approaches. Ours is based on positive psychology and quantified self methodology.

While in Harvard Square, I spoke with a woman who came to the testing of the Happiness formula one year ago (it was still on paper). She didn’t want to measure her happiness and didn’t take the test, but read the questions. One question stuck in her head: “Do you live according to your values and spiritual beliefs?” She told me she immediately thought that she, unfortunately, didn’t live according to her values and beliefs. It bothered her for a while until she made some changed to her life, and now (one year after the testing), she feels happier than before and is not afraid of taking the happiness test. That is how one question can turn your life around.

Then I traveled to NYC and attended New York Tech Meetup and heard ten new tech companies present: CompStak – lease comparison,  Contactually – relationship management in your email, NimbleTV – watch TV anywhere you are, Venmo – payments via phone, Fitocracy – the fitness social network, RapGenius – discover the meaning of rap lyrics, Renthackr – see what people are paying for rent, Loosecubes – find shared office space by the day, Lovely – wedding database, Estimize – the first open financial estimates platform. It was an impressive event held at NYU Skirball Center For The Performing Arts and with 800 people attending. I had a chance to speak to some of the presenters.

Volunteer around the worldBack to Boston, on June 9 I attended Boston Product Camp, which gathered more than 300 people. June 15-17 I was curious enough to become a part of the first Los Angeles Lean Startup Machine Event here in Santa Monica. My brave team of Vita Coco Jackie, Monkey Developer PA, Green Tea Addict Designer Nick and Birthday Girl Alina created a company called Little Planet that connects volunteers directly to local charities around the world. See our mockup attached.

Tomorrow I’m organizing Santa Monica New Tech Meetup, where five companies present their stories: KuaPay, ParkMe, CircaApp, Mixlepix, and HowToModel?Coaching!

Finally, TheUltimateAnswer is LAUNCHED! Now you can create your happiness formula and compare it to the world happiness formula! Try us out and send your feedback either by email or via Survey on ToDos Page! Happy Creating and Happy Living!

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