December Story

So the world didn’t end on Dec 21, 2012 as someone predicted, and the story below is a good reminder on what is important in the rules of living:

“There was a man who spent his whole life robbing banks. He was a criminal genius who could easily break through the most sophisticated security systems. When he died an angel greeted him and showed him around. the man thought, “Wow, this is a great place! there is food; there’s a spa. Nice sleeping accommodations. There is everything I could ever need.”

But eventually he became bored.  He sought out the angel and said, “Angel, can you help me out? I’d like to rob a bank.”

The angel said, “Sure. Which bank would you like to rob?”

“You see that bank over there? That’s the one I want to hit.”

“What time would you like to do so?”

“Three this afternoon.”

“How much money wold you like in the safe?”

“Two million.”

“Perfect, two million dollars will be there, waiting for you. Here are the plans of the bank layout. Just walk in and take it.”

The man said. “No, no, no, no. You don’t understand. I want to plan this. I want to bypass the alarms and security on my own.”

“You can’t do that.” The angel told him. “Now that you’ve died, things are a little different. You just tell us what you want and we provide it for you.”

“But I’m the greatest bank robber the world has ever known. There is no thrill in doing it this way. What kind of racket do you have going on here in heaven?”

The angel looked at him gravely and replied: “Who said this is heaven?”

When you are a bank robber or a philanthropist, satisfaction comes from overcoming a challenge and thereby earning the sense of accomplishment. When we don’t feel challenged or don’t feel any sense of having earned something, we slip toward chaos. But when we earn, overcome or change an aspect of ourselves for the better, we experience the heavenly energy of Light.

It is the possibility  of losing against an opponent that gives fulfillment to winning.”

From “The Power of Kabbalah”  by Y. Berg.

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