March Update

This month Julia Fedotova recognized our site as the “Online tool for depression treatment” in her school research.  Julia is taking “Psychological Treatment Research” class at Harvard University this semester and finishing her Master’s degree in Psychology.

This class is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of basic concepts in psychotherapy research, including the history of psychotherapy, basic methodological issues in studying therapeutic change (group and single-case designs, measuring change, reviewing progress), major approaches to psychotherapy (for example, CBT, psychodynamic, experiential), and psychotherapy with special populations. Prerequisites: introductory psychology and abnormal psychology. (4 credits)

TUA Harvard Presentation March 2013

PSYC E-2455 Psychological Treatment Research (22622)
Spring term. Matthew K. Nock, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University. Class times: Mondays beginning Jan. 28, 7:40-9:40 pm.

You can check out her full presentation: The Ultimate Answer.

Also read this interesting story by a famous Russian painter Vasily Perov “New Legend of Happiness”. I read this story years ago and just rediscovered it again.

The story is about one-eyed Happiness wondering around and looking for her stolen children. She touches everyone she stumbles into on her way, but doesn’t recognize her pure children in them and throws them away. And then she wonders off again. Russian version of it online:


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