April Update

IVHQRecently I received an invitation by IVHQ to volunteer in Bali. I volunteered with IVHQ in Vietnam three years ago and had a great experience. I taught six female students in a shelter in HCMC how to use OLPC computers and the Internet. the-blue-sweaterEven though Facebook was officially banned in Vietnam at that time, we opened Facebook accounts to keep in touch when I go back to the US. Today they are all on FB, even though they don’t speak English well and I can’t speak Vietnamese at all, I’m glad we are connected. I see their pics and posts and plan to visit them soon. Volunteering was such a profound experience for me that I highly recommend it and advise to volunteer whenever you travel abroad as there are quite a few organizations that will place you where help is needed. By volunteering we do impact others for the better. Lets help people in developing countries, who don’t have the luxury of our quality of life, civil rights and democracy. A great book about interconnectedness is “The Blue Sweater” by Jacqueline Novogratz.

To finance your volunteer traveling try Itravelforgood. I met Carlos, the founder, at Pay It Forward event in LA, and he told me about his great co-op community.

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