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We all know about TED talks, right? It is Ideas worth spreading.So Fred is mini TED in Santa Monica. It is run by Steve Glenn, the founder and CEO of LivingHomes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALivingHomes’ mission is “to create homes and communities that inspire people, foster family and community interaction, and make modern life easier, healthier and more comfortable — all in ways that compliment and enhance the municipalities and environments in which we work.  We hope our products will set a standard for the positive impact they have on soil, water, energy and health – and we’re using the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) certification system so we, and you, can measure how we’re doing”.

Once a month Steve invites guests and enlightening speakers at his own LivingHome. Speaking of enlightenment, check out this video.

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Fred talks have themes. May 2013 was Energy. What does a dog who cures cancer, an architect who plays cello and a band names after Edgar Allen have in common? They all presented at May 2013 Fred Talk:

Terence Young, Design director/architect@gensler, father, cellist, artist and athlete. “Parametric permutations on string”. Terence has lately been inspired by advancements in design software and ios music generation. Applications to explore music outside his classical training. Results are often not beautiful but usually it is an interesting collaboration between technology and traditional notions of music.

Dina Zaphiris, “Moving Energy in the Right Direction”. Dog trainer and behaviorist for over 20 years, now publishing research on training dogs to detect cancer easrly in human breath.

Shanna Gilfix, Acoustic Soul Singer/Songwriter “All for the love of music”. I’ve been writing songs and singing them for as long as I can remember. I can think of no better way to express my heart and spread my joy… I have over 600,000 views on my Youtube channel, my songs have been used for short films, I’ve written themes for radio personalities, and I’m currently writing a personalized song for an upcoming wedding. Let there be music!

Amy Lombardo, CEO, True Nature Wellness “Coming back from the Brink: How One Do-Gooder Overcame Serious Burnout and Learned the Secrets of Sustainable Personal Energy”. Amy Lombardo is a recovering workaholic, chronic do-gooder and deeply passionate about exploring the field of human potential. Her approach towards empowerment is at once incredible practical and deeply heartfelt, making her a favorite ally for visionaries seeking guidance on their path. Her latest project, the Confessions of a Warrior Woman Blog, provides a venue for warrior-hearted individuals to explore and reveal the untapped power in their vulnerability.

Band: Edgar Allan Poets, Members: Chris (Vox Guitar), Lop Noor (Drums), Mr W (Piano). Title of the Talk: Waves. We play what we like to call noir rock because for our sound we find inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe’s tales and Hitchcock’s movies. We are growing really well on the social media more than 115,000 likes on FB, we enter the billboard in the next big sound chart (10th).

See all Fred Talkers in the last two years

These talks are always inspiring, as all speakers are very passionate about doing something good in the world and making our planet beautiful and people on it happy.

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