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The author of the blog called sherzyang recently shared her tips on making life good:


It is an effort comprised of many actions. I don’t think life is fair all the time, but I do think it will eventually show you in some way if you are getting away with being less than your best self. It’s an attitude, it’s a discipline, it’s a compassion, it’s a sense of self, it’s a commitment to follow-through. It’s preparation and execution. It’s not genius, but a willingness to learn, change, and move on. It’s taken me all my years to begin to learn how to prepare, and how to execute in a genuine way.

She continues:

1) Stay imaginative. Don’t stop asking yourself what your world could be like if you were to prepare and execute every day the way you think you should. It’s not about one day arriving at enviable success, it’s not about arriving at all. It’s about having a vision, and living that vision in a genuine way that doesn’t attempt to ignore flaws.

2) Stop thinking you’re supposed to be better than everyone. Be better than yourself yesterday, and tell yourself that you have value today. Now live that value in its fullest.

3) Ignore what others do. Do you.  Don’t derive confidence from the feeling that there are others worse than you, more insecure, because that breeds your own insecurity. It only leads to relative confidence. Have absolute confidence. Don’t ignore people. Be kind.

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