A Man Wakes Up in the Morning

“A man wakes up in the morning and decides to go fishing. He goes to the dock, sits down, pulls out his fishing net, and throws it in. On the dock, there is another fisherman who seems to be catching quite a few fish. With every fish this fisherman catches, he takes it to the side of the dock where there is a ruler. After measuring each fish, he keeps some and throws back others. After observing this behavior for some time, the first fisherman approaches the other fisherman and says, “What’s up? Why are you throwing some fish back and keeping others? What are you looking for?”

The other fisherman replies, ” I’ve got a twelve-inch pot in my house. The only fish I keep are the ones under twelve inches. Fish that are bigger, I can’t use, so I thrown them away.”

Like this fisherman we limit ourselves without even realizing it. We are trying to fit the universe’s infinite abundance into our small pot. The universe wants to give us everything, but we can’t receive all that is available to us. What would happen if we expanded our vessel instead of placing limits on our abundance? We can get more in our lives if we become more. It is time to upgrade our vessel in order to receive more by acknowledging what will truly give us fulfillment.” Read more in “The Power of Kabbalah” by Yehuda Berg.

Here are several other great quotes from Yehuda Berg’s books:

“Uniting two halves of one soul is inevitable, but timing depends upon your level of spirituality. When the time is ripe, true soul mates find one another even if they are worlds apart— whether physically, on opposite sides of the globe, or spiritually, with contrasting lifestyles and backgrounds. Here’s wishing you the courage to keep growing so that you may know – or continue to know – the blessing of oneness.”

“Love is a weapon of Light, and it has the power to eradicate all forms of darkness. That is the key. When we offer love even to our enemies, we destroy their darkness and hatred… What’s more, we cast out the darkness inside ourselves. What’s left are two souls who now recognize the spark of divinity they both share.”

“Always run after opportunities to create peace between people, to find ways to bridge differences, please. Because as long as one person continues to feel separation …we’ll all still feel it. Close the space between you and someone today. Seeing their essential goodness helps a lot.”

“Loving one another isn’t enough to make a relationship last. The real glue that holds a couple (or friends or family) together is the effort both put into helping others who are in need of financial, health, personal or emotional assistance. Today, sustain your connection to a loved one by finding ways you both can help others, with a genuine heart.”

“A rewarding relationship occurs when there is a common spiritual goal, shared spiritual values and a mutual desire to build a relationship upon a spiritual foundation and for the purpose of connecting to the light of the creator.”

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s no room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone; in fact, over time you might feel overwhelmed and trapped by boredom and fear. Perhaps it’s time to stretch those limits a little! Not only will your life become more exciting, but you’ll also build confidence and improve your luck. 

1. Make a fool of yourself. One of the biggest things that holds many of us back is our fear of what people think. After all, you don’t want people to think you’re weird or rude or creepy or obnoxious or annoying, do you? But wait — think about the most lovable, magnetic people you’ve come across in your life. Odds are, they weren’t the meek, agreeable people who are reliably pleasant to be around. They were the people who were crazy and charming. People who blurted out silly, maybe inappropriate things, or who made huge, slap-your-forehead mistakes, or who were over the top most of the time, but others forgave them for being less than perfect and in fact, liked them for it. So shatter your concern for what people think of you. You’re allowed to be less than perfect, and you may find that people like you more for it, because it makes you a more exciting person to be around. Get laughed at, laugh with ’em. Do something you normally wouldn’t do for fear of looking like an idiot. Be that idiot. You’ll be fine.

2. Face your fears. There are the big fears, such as heights, spiders, tight spaces, and germs, but there are also hundreds of subtle fears we bow to every day. Like the fear of breaking a bone, or falling down, or getting caught in the rain. What are the precautions you take every day to circumvent “negative” circumstances? And are those circumstances really worth stepping around? Those steps add up! It’s good to be proactive, but it’s bad to let a significant portion of your life be devoted to averting things that never happen–Little things that could turn into adventures or funny stories if you allow yourself to deal with a little discomfort.

3. Become comfortable with taking risks. Your comfort zone is comfortable because it’s where you know what to expect. Going out on a limb can be scary because you might fail. You might lose something. But you might also gain something, huh? In order to become comfortable with that uncertainty, you’ll need to practice the following:

  • Non-attachment. When you decide to do something, do it for its own sake, not so that you can get a particular result. If you gamble, gamble with money you’re ready and willing to lose; gamble for the fun and exhilaration of gambling. If you win, that’s icing on the cake! But if you lose, no big deal. In other words, let go of your attachment to a certain outcome; instead, focus on the joy of doing whatever you’re doing. Live in the moment.
  • Acceptance. When things don’t go your way, and they won’t, shrug it off. If you’re clinging to your comfort zone, you’re hanging on to an idea that the world is supposed to be a safe, predictable place, and that’s an illusion. You’re setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Open your eyes. The world is a dynamic place where things go right and wrong. That’s just the way it is!

4. Enjoy the unknown. When is the last time you felt excited about not knowing what was going to happen next? If you’re deep in your comfort zone, it’s probably been a while. Don’t you miss it? Don’t you miss the mixture of anticipation and anxiety that makes your heart flutter and stomach turn at the same time? Bring that feeling back into your life.

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Happiness Checklist by Aaron

I keep this list handy, so that when I find myself feeling down, I don’t have to think about what to do to get back up. I often find that after doing just a couple of them, I’m already feeling better and ready to take on the world again.

– Music – I love reggae, jazz, and ambient electronic (somafm.com)
– Meaningful engagement with friends and family – I like to ask questions and let them tell me stories.  Light stuff, but intentional and meaningful.
– Water – 1 liter+  At least a full glass as soon as I wake up and as often as I think about it during the day
– Sleep – 7+ hours.  Melatonin and water at bedtime.  F.lux to get rid of blue light from computer screen
– Green food / smoothie, preferably with friends
– Meditation – I like to focus on my breath in the shower 3-5 minutes
– Small victory – Something small that I can do in under an hour to feel like I’ve done something worthwhile
– Help someone – strangers are the best.  helping with groceries or just open a door.
– Write – Writing forces me to collect my thoughts.  Privately in my journal or publicly on my blog
– Group exercise – Getting a sweat where I can talk to other humans. Basket ball/hike/rugby
– Yoga – close to meditation, given the breath work and mind focus, but adding a physical component
– Read fiction – Fiction allows my brain to travel to another place.  Non-fiction tends to make me add things to my work todo list
– Hug my dog – He doesn’t care at all about problems and is always eager to show me love
– Guard myself from takers – Energy suckers can wait 48 hours until I’m up again. When I am wounded, sick, and/or vulnerable I’m not interested in interacting with them
– Create art – I love to paint, sculpt, and build stuff (usually with electronics or wood)
– Hire help – Call for back up to get my house in order – laundry, cleaning, cooking
– Intentionally smile and breathe – Just do it
– Say good morning to strangers – Its nice and they almost always say it back.  When they don’t I have a reason to laugh AT them for being so fussy
– Ask friends for help – That inner circle of 3-5 people that love you most.  Yeah, they want to know when you need them.  I’m not bothering them.  That’s what friends are for.
– Reread The Four Agreements – 1) Be impeccable with your word 2) Don’t take things personal 3) Don’t make assumptions 4) Always do your best
– Return to the Up folder – When my crazy isn’t acting up I like to save interesting and inspiring tidbits from around the web (articles, posts, videos, pictures).  When I’m in the pit of sorrow I have it right there to help.
Some of these things are habits.  Others are not.  But that is why the list is so good.  I can read it without having to think when I’m down to be able to get back on top.
Aaron Davis


The Habits of Happy People

1. They surround themselves with other happy people

2. They smile when they mean it

3. They cultivate resilience

Happy people4. They try to be happy

5. They are mindful of the good

6. They appreciate simple pleasures

7. They devote some of their time to giving

8. They let themselves lose track of time (And sometimes they can’t help it)

9. They nix the small talk for deeper conversation

10. They spend money on other people

11. They make a point to listen

12. They uphold in-person connections

13. They look on the bright side.

14. They value a good mixtape

15. They unplug

16. They get spiritual

17. They make exercise a priority

18. They go outside

19. They spend some time on the pillow

20. They LOL

21. They walk the walk

Read more http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/16/happiness-habits-of-exuberant-human-beings_n_3909772.html

Some Good Advice

The author of the blog called sherzyang recently shared her tips on making life good:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI1bKm22Up0

It is an effort comprised of many actions. I don’t think life is fair all the time, but I do think it will eventually show you in some way if you are getting away with being less than your best self. It’s an attitude, it’s a discipline, it’s a compassion, it’s a sense of self, it’s a commitment to follow-through. It’s preparation and execution. It’s not genius, but a willingness to learn, change, and move on. It’s taken me all my years to begin to learn how to prepare, and how to execute in a genuine way.

She continues:

1) Stay imaginative. Don’t stop asking yourself what your world could be like if you were to prepare and execute every day the way you think you should. It’s not about one day arriving at enviable success, it’s not about arriving at all. It’s about having a vision, and living that vision in a genuine way that doesn’t attempt to ignore flaws.

2) Stop thinking you’re supposed to be better than everyone. Be better than yourself yesterday, and tell yourself that you have value today. Now live that value in its fullest.

3) Ignore what others do. Do you.  Don’t derive confidence from the feeling that there are others worse than you, more insecure, because that breeds your own insecurity. It only leads to relative confidence. Have absolute confidence. Don’t ignore people. Be kind.

Read more: http://sherzyang.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/some-good-advice/

Top 10 Lessons Learned In Traveling The World 10 Years

Benny Lewis has been traveling the world for 10 years. In his blog he writes: THIS year (2013) I celebrated my TEN year travel anniversary with a much more visual representation of the top ten lessons learned in travelling the world, including the absolute best footage from my travels, and you can hear me speak out the lessons directly to the camera. Here it is. Enjoy!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RtGmqaM3Zo

  1. Happiness has no price tag.
  2. Be an imperfectionist.
  3. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.
  4. The world owes you nothing.
  5. Get busy living.
  6. Every single person is fascinating and can teach you something.
  7. It is Ok to say I was wrong.
  8. The present is what really matters.
  9. Be generous and kind to others.
  10. We are all making it up as we go.

I also enjoy his other lessons from previous blog post from 8 year travels with 29 lessons, including the following:

  1. Everyone everywhere basically wants the same thing
  2. Deferring your happiness to the future is a terrible idea
  3. “Someday my ship will come in” is bullshit. You will NEVER win the lottery. Be practical.
  4. Possessions own you
  5. Get outside and do something with other people
  6. Take your time
  7. You can’t please everyone
  8. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone
  9. People are not alone in being alone
  10. The most important lessons in life can never be expressed in black and white, but must be experienced

Learn more about his lessons from traveling:


How To Buy Happiness

My friend sent me the link to this TEDX Talk and I want to share it with you. Enjoy!

Watch Video: https://www.ted.com/talks/michael_norton_how_to_buy_happiness

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