A Man Wakes Up in the Morning

“A man wakes up in the morning and decides to go fishing. He goes to the dock, sits down, pulls out his fishing net, and throws it in. On the dock, there is another fisherman who seems to be catching quite a few fish. With every fish this fisherman catches, he takes it to the side of the dock where there is a ruler. After measuring each fish, he keeps some and throws back others. After observing this behavior for some time, the first fisherman approaches the other fisherman and says, “What’s up? Why are you throwing some fish back and keeping others? What are you looking for?”

The other fisherman replies, ” I’ve got a twelve-inch pot in my house. The only fish I keep are the ones under twelve inches. Fish that are bigger, I can’t use, so I thrown them away.”

Like this fisherman we limit ourselves without even realizing it. We are trying to fit the universe’s infinite abundance into our small pot. The universe wants to give us everything, but we can’t receive all that is available to us. What would happen if we expanded our vessel instead of placing limits on our abundance? We can get more in our lives if we become more. It is time to upgrade our vessel in order to receive more by acknowledging what will truly give us fulfillment.” Read more in “The Power of Kabbalah” by Yehuda Berg.

Here are several other great quotes from Yehuda Berg’s books:

“Uniting two halves of one soul is inevitable, but timing depends upon your level of spirituality. When the time is ripe, true soul mates find one another even if they are worlds apart— whether physically, on opposite sides of the globe, or spiritually, with contrasting lifestyles and backgrounds. Here’s wishing you the courage to keep growing so that you may know – or continue to know – the blessing of oneness.”

“Love is a weapon of Light, and it has the power to eradicate all forms of darkness. That is the key. When we offer love even to our enemies, we destroy their darkness and hatred… What’s more, we cast out the darkness inside ourselves. What’s left are two souls who now recognize the spark of divinity they both share.”

“Always run after opportunities to create peace between people, to find ways to bridge differences, please. Because as long as one person continues to feel separation …we’ll all still feel it. Close the space between you and someone today. Seeing their essential goodness helps a lot.”

“Loving one another isn’t enough to make a relationship last. The real glue that holds a couple (or friends or family) together is the effort both put into helping others who are in need of financial, health, personal or emotional assistance. Today, sustain your connection to a loved one by finding ways you both can help others, with a genuine heart.”

“A rewarding relationship occurs when there is a common spiritual goal, shared spiritual values and a mutual desire to build a relationship upon a spiritual foundation and for the purpose of connecting to the light of the creator.”

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