Contemplating The Inconceivable (Part Two)

I really want to know what existed before the Bang, and what happened during and after the Bang too… So I went to the meetup to at least hear some theories.

At the event the group was divided into two, and at our table we didn’t get to discuss much on “before the Bang”, except for one – there was energy and it exploded (it just couldn’t handle itself in non-material form anymore :))

The most interesting part of the conversation was the debate about relationship between material vs immaterial matter. We can’t really prove that immaterial proceeded material or that immaterial even exists, but we can always bark about it 😉 Arthur said, that people have ideas and theories that are not results of living in the material world. They come from somewhere else…

Ben argued that it is clear as day light that everything that comes to our mind is derived from our senses in contact with material matter. And all science does – explains the laws of material nature.

Arthur disagreed saying that quantum physics is not intuitive. Ben said that quantum physics is explained by mathematics created by observing our material world.

Arthur replied that science didn’t come from observing nature. Thus invention of numbers, which are non-material, came from no material concept…

I support the idea that there are parts of us that belong to material and non-material matter, and we are at the same time in the physical and non-physical space. If immaterial can create material then we (humans) can create material matter with only our non-material side (thoughts or energy). Is it inconceivable?

But what struck me the most is the idea that we would probably not exist if we knew everything: what happened before or after the Bang, how we got created or evolved, and our mission or the upper limit of our potential. What would be the point if we knew what we are capable of and what not? Then we would not be creating. The spice of our life is not knowing our potential but striving to perceive it and perhaps supersede it. What if we have unlimited potential? And that is the beauty of it. We are here to find out.

Again, it is scary to think that there is no beginning or end to space or time, but we are the elements of this beautiful Universe (in whatever form) and we are here to do something…

I remember reading a book many years ago about the following theory:

We, humans, are privileged to come to this shape and form because there is a queue of souls in the storage (somewhere) that are waiting for millions of years for their turn to appear on Earth and start creating. (I wonder if our mission is given to us upfront, but then we sign confidentiality contract and all memory is erased.) Then we get born and try to figure things out and start creating something ( life). Our conditions upon birth are predefined in some way (who knows, maybe we pick them too) and after we die, we may come back depending on whether we accomplished original mission or not.

In short, it seems like a video game with multi levels called “Human being completion program”, you die and get born again, only the environment is never the same as developers are constantly upgrading their software (we call it evolution). And after we finish all the cycles, we are done. Our accomplished soul doesn’t even come to create anymore, it goes to storage as future creation material. We will not come to Earth anymore, unless someone writes a sequel and we are allowed to play again.

All jokes aside, I still don’t have the answer to questions like: What created the space in which we exist, never mind our current form? What miraculous events happened (some alien’s implant or God’s creative workshop) during the Big Bang and human beings emerged? If someone has a good answer, please, enlighten me, but I hope we are not an experiment run by some superior mice 😉

For now I’ll leave you with my speculation:

What if we and our planet Earth are the incubator of inconceivable??? Both physically and non-physically… Let’s just reread works of Herbert George Wells (and grow body parts, clones, become invisible at will, teach people fly, telepathy, time travel and develop world brain). Totally inconceivable will happen because that is why we are here for, but we better create consciously to not harm others, because others want to create too… whatever they come here for…

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