Why do we need Happiness Formula?

Everything changes… What I thought was important to me and made me happy changed over the years. My happiness varied too: some days, months, even years I was happier than others… So does it mean that I’m a happy or unhappy person? Could that be measured over time? At this point I really care about being happy now and in the future.

According to “Stumbling on happiness” people can’t really predict well what will make them happy. We can only answer what makes us happy now… Even past happy experiences may not have the same affect on us today,  because we change… If we had a formula for happiness, we may be able to avoid chasing some goal in our life that will not make us happy. That constantly developing formula could help people of all ages.

Young people make mistakes by choosing paths that would not lead them to happiness. They often crave things they never experienced before, but believe would make them happy.  They don’t have wisdom yet.

Middle aged people are busy working and raising children to think about happiness and meaning. They don’t have time yet.

Finally, it is when people get to the mature age they see everything in retrospective based on their experiences. They have the time and wisdom (if applicable) to see through their own mistakes, like wishing they picked another major or didn’t work that much but spend more time on hobbies and with people they cared about. Unfortunately, at that point not all mistakes could be corrected.

What if… we knew early in life what is really important, then we would not spend time on trivial stuff, stupid worries, false goals, but concentrate on what empowers us now and build upon it. By learning universal sources of happiness and applying them to our own personal formula, we could capture what is important to us in this particular moment and then further develop the formula throughout life and enrich it by our own experiences.

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